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Pollute Less

40% of CO2 emissions are from buildings

Most building emissions are due to overrun HVAC units. AeroBarrier means a home with less energy demand and a reduction in outdoor air emissions, both of which are always a good thing.

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Better Indoor Air Quality

Most People spend 90% of their times indoors

Working in conjunction with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), an airtight energy-efficient home removes stale indoor air and introduces filtered fresh air for its occupants. And AeroBarrier has no off-gassing!

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Save Energy and Money

70% of energy use is for heating and cooling

Tight buildings need less energy to stay comfortable. A well-sealed home is a Zero Energy Ready Home. And AeroBarrier is a low-cost solution to costly air leaks and high energy bills!

AeroBarrier vs Blower Door Testing

Download the AeroBarrier vs. Blower Door Testing PDF for full report details.

AeroBarrier 10-Year Limited Warranty

When properly applied in accordance with the training and materials or bulletins provided by Aeroseal, the envelope barrier seals created according to Licensed Services will be free of defects for a period of 10 years after the date of the sealing application.

AeroBarrier Durability Testing

Three factors were considered when assessing the durability of the AeroBarrier sealant – flexing, ageing, and compatibility of the material. Download the Durability Testing Report PDF to learn more.